Our top of the line in footwear, the Tracker is your best choice for indoor/outdoor comfort and style.  Beautiful sheepskin joined with soft, supple cowhide and a sturdy EVA wedge sole makes the Tracker a very attractive all day slipper.  Turn the collars up or down to cover your ankles and enjoy!  For protection from moisture and staining, apply a water repellent to the slippers outer before extensive use.   As with all of our slippers the Trackers are made with no seams inside, ensuring longtime comfort (Convert 1/2 sizes down to the full size for an accurate fit).  As with all of our slippers, the Trackers start with a standard width and then stretch to fit.

Available colors: Distressed Brown, Embossed Red and Embossed black.

*Please note, badges on TRACKERS may vary slightly in design and color*

Trying on our Tracker Slippers

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